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Our Profile

Morris Cookies is one of World’s leading purveyors of chemical additives free, healthy treats designed to delight the senses without any of the toxic or chemical additives added to so many baked goods today. Known for artisan, chemical additives free baked goods that are loved for both their taste and their quality, Morris Cookies was founded on the principle that delicious food should not be polluted with unnecessary ingredients that are potentially harmful to body.

Our History

The company was founded in 2012 during a family member’s battle with cancer, Morris sought to create freshly baked products that were both chemical additives free and non-GMO. After discovering so many harmful chemicals were being added to food, Morris committed to developing mouthwatering and healthful alternatives that could be enjoyed by one and all.

It was a challenging task that resulted in thousands of hours of R&D and innovative experimentation, and Morris eventually sold his properties to finance his dream, but five years later, the result is tasty, curative, guilt-free treats!

Our Mission

We want Morris Cookies to become one of World’s most in-demand baked goods with both locals and city-wide retailers. The company’s commitment to chemical additives free, sustainable and socially responsible practices has already made this food purveyor among the best in the industry. Morris Cookies is currently distributed in Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore.

Morris products are subjected to rigorous testing of high-risk ingredients at critical control points—allowing for certified chemical additives free raw materials that are traceable and segregated from genetically modified or chemically-altered products. The result is not only healthy—it’s absolutely yummy! And Morris has no intention of stopping there!

Our Philosophy

Currently, Morris is SGS certified. Our products have no preservatives, food coloring, acrylamide and our raw materials are rigorously tested for 457 different kinds of pesticides so that you can trust our products to be great for your body with absolute certainty! Even better, we also offer egg-free and gluten-free or fat-free products that are perfect for anyone with allergies or gluten-intolerance.

Morris produces baked goods and pastries that are crafted using tested, innovative and labor-intensive techniques designed to draw out the superior flavours and highlight the quality of all-natural ingredients. These techniques, combined with outstanding ingredients, creates fantastic flavour combinations that offer a decidedly unforgettable experience.  

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